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Sustainability at Bloom in Box 

Here at Bloom in Box we aim to make all our products in the most sustainable way possible, and is a key focus of our business to minimise our impact on the planet. It is the responsibility of every business and individual to do their part to protect our plant. Using renewable energy to power our machines, through to recycled plastics to manufacture products. Over the last 20 years we have been part of many projects, deploying energy efficient machines, reducing our carbon footprint and developing new products from recycled materials.

The start of that journey was with the Carbon trust, helping us to deploy some of the first all electric machines to our factory floor. The machines offered an 80% reduction in energy usage over conventual machines, as well as the carbon savings. That journey has continued through the business development and continuous investment in energy efficiency. Our most recent project was installing solar panels to provide renewable energy to the business, as part of the MaCaW scheme. Taking us one step closer to our net zero goals. We will continue to invest in sustainable machines and technologies.

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Energy efficient technology

A solution to reducing the reliance on energy is energy efficient technology. All electric injection moulding machines are one way in which we achieve this and a standard now for our processes. With energy savings over hydraulic counter parts by as much as 70-80%. Accuracy of electric machines can be far superior as there is greater control over the machine. Lower noise levels in the factory environment.

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Recycling and recycled plastics

All our products are 100% recyclable, we use recycled plastic in a wide variety of our products. Plastic waste created in our processes is recycled back into our own product, minimising any plastic waste. Additionally, we collect from local sources a small amount of post consumer waste, which we then turn back into polymer that can be used by us. Recycling is a key pillar for sustainability, plastic can be used many times over when processed in the correct way. That is why we aim to use recycled plastic in our products when possible and ensure that those products can be recycled again. Using recycled plastics also reduced the carbon footprint of the material itself, recycled polymer can produce 75% less carbon emissions when being made.

The Key Benefits of Bloom-In-Box

Machine detailed parts


of our products are recyclable.


More efficient using our all electric machines instead of Hydraulic


Solar System installed to provide Green energy

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As part of our ongoing work we have undertaken projects to create injection moulded parts from bio-degradable and compostable plastics. This is new territory for the plastics industry, as bio-plastics are not like for like when compared with current polymers. We have however developed a number of products that are on the market and will continue to research and develop this space as the business grows.

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Net Zero

Net zero is when a business or individual produces no carbon emissions. We are on a path to achieve this and 95% of our emissions come from energy and the generation of that electricity. Installing solar was one step to achieving those goals. Our short term goal is to become carbon neutral through off setting our current emissions and investing into the UK based carbon saving projects. As well as continued investment in technology that reduces our energy demand.

Plastics earn a bad name but they themselves are not the problem we face, it is how we use them and dispose of them. Plastic could be the answer to many of our current climate challenges. As shown the process of creating plastics products can done through carbon neutral methods. Making this possible will dramatically reduce the impact plastic has on the planet.

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