On the road to net zero

Fanuc UK kindly asked us to present at their Open Day this year. We did our presentation, with a few nerves 😅 Bloom-in-Box – Energy efficiency, on the road to net zero. About how our work with Fanuc has improved our energy efficiency, with us being able to manufacture through solar power

Why were we presenting?

As a business we are always looking at our sustainability and how we can improve. We wanted to present our path that we have taken to reaching net zero as part of our sustainability pathway. Becoming a net zero business has become a key part of our approach and goals. The presentation showed how the introduction of energy efficient machinery is a key part of any business achieving those goals. Working with Fanuc and there latest Robotshot IMM we were able to demonstrate how the machine ran at a low power consumption of 3kWh, could effectively be powered through our solar panels on site. Electricity accounts for 95% of our direct emissions and reducing our reliance on it moves us one step closer to net zero.

Press play at 1hr/21min/5seconds (1:21:05) to view BiB – Bloom-in-Box