Stegastrip Non-Rotating Wall/Fence spike BiB

The stegastrip is designed to provide an effective visual non-lethal detterant to prevent unwanted intruders. The non-rotating version of the stegastrip lies flat along the fence panel. They are slightly flexbible if fitting to a curved fence, allowing easy installation. 

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The stegastrip offers a unique deterrent against un-wanted intruders, and some even use to deter pests from your fence.


To fit the stegastrip you will require screws to secure them, these can be found on our shop.  There are 8 holes per strip for screws, but they can be secured with 6 screws. The strip measures 490mm x 45mm x 15mm (LxWxH). When installing the spikes we recommend leaving a slight gap between each strip to allow for slight expansion. You can chop the spikes if you require a shortened length.


To keep in line with legislation the devices must be mounted heights a over 6ft, and must not be fitted as a deliberate means to injure and warning signs are to be fitted with the device. We supply 1 weather proof warning sign for every 5 meters. Each notice is 8.5cm by 5.5cm, You can buy extras in our shop if you require more. Please note these are a deterrent so we can not guarantee they will prevent all intruders.

Product Features

Made in the UK

The strip measures 500mm x 45mm x 15mm (LxWxH) – 

UV sunlight and Frost protected

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Ship internationally?

We do ship internationally, at checkout your shipping costs will be calculated. The list of countries we ship to can be found on our delivery page. If you have any queries email: Import duties are not included in shipping costs.

Can I return them ?

You can return all items, at the buyers cost. We recommend using a tracked service like Evri. However they must not have been used, and returned in their orginal condition. If you have used them and wish to return please email: as this is discussed on an indivual basis.

Can I cut the spikes to make them shorter?

You can cut the spikes to a shorted length if you require. You will need a sharp knife or saw to do so.

Can you gaurantee this will stop birds and pests landing on my fences?

Unforntuately we can not gaurantee they will work for everyone. They are sold as a detterernt to to deter the unwanted pests, and they work great for lots, but some pests just find routes around them.

What do you recommend if birds and cats still go on my fence with these installed?

We recommend ensuring the pests have to land directly on the spike, which creates an uncomftable landing for the animal. They are not designed to physically harm an animal, only to create an uncomtable surface they don’t wish to walk/sit on.

How long is each spike?

500mm x 45mm x 15mm (LxWxH)

How long is delivery?

Smaller orders are shipped with Evri on a 2-5 day service. Larger orders are shipped with DPD Local on a next day service. To norhtern Ireland orders are shipped with either Evri or Royal Mail

How long does it take to dispatch my order?

disaptch is 1-2 days for free delivery on all orders. 1 day dispatch for next day delivery if ordered before 1pm

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