Specialists in plastic injection moulding and recyclable material.

BIB offer a complete in-house solution for our plastic moulded products. Our UK manufacturing site uses the latest energy efficient machinery combined with 40KW of solar power it makes us the best choice for your project. We can mould components ranging from a fraction of a gram up to 2.5KG. Alongside our skilled team, we utilise a high level of automation, cobots and robot handling systems to produce the most cost effective, and environmentally sound solution for all our products.

BIB has the expertise to take ideas to products using the latest CAD modelling ,3D printing. Matched with in house tool making and utilising the latest CNC machinery. Our product range covers a wide range of industries and we can customise our range if you need something a bit more special.

Product Design

We use the latest CAD and CAM software which enables us to create complex mould tools and it is all done house.