In 2018 we were finalists in the The Plastic Industry Awards for ‘Best Recycled Product of the Year’ with out Bloomie Floristry box. We were all very excited to be attending and thrilled to have made it to one of the finalists.

The Bloomie is a prime example! With the use of an innovating technique of in mould labelling and recycled plastic ,we were able to create a beautiful products. This shows how recycled plastic can be used again, and even our box can be recycled and turned back into a Bloomie. We like to think we are saving the planet one Bloomie at a time

Recycled plastic product of the year 2018 Finalists

Why did we come up with the Bloomie

In the current climate plastic has been at the top of everyone’s lists, saying how bad it is and the issues it causes.

Here at Bloom-in-Box we don’t believe this is the case. Plastic has so many uses in everyday life, and one might go as far as to say its vital. Some would disagree and that’s fine, but our ethos here at Bloom-in-Box is this

‘Designing products with more than just one life’ and the Bloomie does just that. It is both reusable and 100% recycable, meaning it never has to end up in landfill, it can be reused and recycled

Bloomie Boxes

To combat the current issue we believe its not to ban the plastic, but instead to educate people on the ways of recycling further and really encourage the reuse of it and promoting recycling….. we don’t believe plastic ends up in our streets, countryside, beaches by itself.